Book Launch by Antoninus Wall, OP

Hosted By:   Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

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Author Antoninus Wall, OP will talk about his recent publication, The Theology of Ecumenism, Thomas Aquinas and the Ecumenical Imperative. Ecumenism instantly brings to mind the sometimes confusing activities of Christian churches in the last century. But ecumenism is more ancient and has widespread roots – an approach to the transcendent realities of life without hostility of fear of syncretism.

The Theology of Ecumenism examines ecumenism with a theological vision as well as from aspects based on our human nature. Given the current strains between Islam and Christians it offers a guide - seeing ecumenism as central to our relationship to God and to our relationship with every human being as an "image of God".

Antoninus Wall, OP is uniquely qualified to write on this subject. He was instrumental in bringing the Catholic presence to the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley and served as Professor and President of the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology.

Antoninus Wall, OP will be selling signed books.

Date & Time:

Tuesday, May 3 at 7:00 PM (PDT)


Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology, Classroom 1

2301 Vine Street
Berkeley, CA 94708

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